CLP-Series.Pancake Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders

CLP-Series.Pancake Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders

Product Features

  • Single acting ,load return.
  • Lock nut for positive and safe mechanical load holding over a long period of time.
  • Safety lock nut for mechanical load holding. Can be locked at any position by mechanical nut within the stroke, ensure safe operation.
  • Extremely low height for use in confined areas.
  • Special bearing design withstands side-loads up to 3%
  • Overflow port functions as a stroke limiter.
  • A ball type saddle can be configured to adapt to imbalance load conditions.
  • Dust ring reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.
  • Optional manual valve to ensure the safety of the process of rising and falling.
  • 3/8 “- 18NPT coupler and dust cap included on all models.

Industry Applications

  • Bridge maintenance and replacement of rubber bearings.
  • Installation and fine-tuning of diesel engine in shipyard.
  • Installation and fine-tuning of marine diesel engine in shipyard.
  • Long term supporting for maintenance of large press.
  • Maintenance and lifting operation of generator in power plant.


Riverlake Hydraulic CLP-Series Single Acting Lock Nut Hydraulic cylinders use Cr40 high strength steel alloy

material and is manufactured and tested according to GB/T 15622-2005 standard.

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