Six Precautions When Using Hydraulic Cylinders

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Six Precautions When Using Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic jacks are widely used in power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static piles, foundation settlement, bridge and ship repair, especially in the construction of roads and railways and mechanical adjustment, equipment disassembly and so on.

Hydraulic cylinder works under 70Mpa high oil pressure, thus safety operation is very important.So,What should be noted when using hydraulic jacks?

1.When using hydraulic cylinders,the bottom should be flat and tough.Put oil-free wood panels below the cylinders to expand the contact pressure surface for safety is not allowed to replace the board with iron plates in case of slipping.

2.It is required to be stable when lifting, and it is necessary to check for abnormal conditions after lifting the weight. If there is no abnormality, the lifting can be continued. 

3.Overload and over pressure are not allowed. When the red line appears on the plunger, it indicates that the rated height has been reached and lifting should be stopped

4.When several hydraulic jacks are working at the same time, a inspecting person must be instructed to make the lifting or lowering synchronous.

5.The wooden blocks should be supported between two adjacent hydraulic jacks to ensure the spacing to prevent sliding.

6.When using hydraulic jacks, always pay attention to the sealing part and the pipe joint part, and it must be safe and reliable.

7.Hydraulic cylinders are not suitable for use in locations where there are acids, bases or corrosive gases.

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